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Male Impotence Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a very common problem, affecting many men worldwide. Treatment techniques have changed over the years. The medical causes of impotence recognized and the treatment revolutionized giving many options, which are far more acceptable and more successful.

The treatment choices include pills, hormone therapy, and counselling.

Pills for the erectile dysfunction

The first pills that are available for the erectile dysfunction is Viagra, which has been largely responsible for helping to bring the topic of erectile dysfunction out into the open. Similar medications are Cialis and Levitra that are now available, and they have a similar action to Viagra, however, there is some difference in their duration of action.

The treatments help with an erection by working on the biochemical mechanism of an erection. The drugs help to relax muscle cells in the erectile tissue of a penis, letting more blood to flow in to the penis to cause a good erection.

Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra will work only if you are sexually stimulated and they will not increase your sex drive. These drugs may cause some side effects like headaches, flushes, indigestion, and distortion of vision.

The doctor will have to evaluate the suitability before prescribing the over mentioned drugs. Men with certain heart problems should not take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. First, check with your doctor to find out if the following drugs may be suitable for you.

Hormone treatments

In a certain group of men, the blood tests may show low levels of testosterone that is the male sex hormone. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe some testosterone injections. The supplements may help boost a sex drive and increase the ability to have the erections. Usually, the testosterone injections had to be given every 2 weeks within 2 to 3-month. The testosterone gel may be applied daily to the skin that is another option.


The erectile dysfunction often may have physical and psychological causes. Most commonly, this is a form of anxiety. Men may have the erectile dysfunction due to some transient causes like fatigue, stress and relationship difficulty. This may lead to embarrassment. The future intercourse may be accompanied by some memories of the embarrassment and acute anxiety that it will recur. The anxiety is capable to cause the erectile dysfunction. In such cases, it is very helpful to see a counsellor or a psychologist.

Stress, anxiety, emotional problems, and many chronic physical illnesses may affect the sexuality or genital function. The counsellors and psychologists may help with these sexual and relationship problems. In addition, they may help female partners who are suffering from the sexual problems to overcome them. Simple problems can be treated in a couple of visits, but complex problems might take many months or even years of the therapy.

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